Galvanizing offers complete coverage with clean surface

TUBETRACK offers systems in a choice of quality metals and finishes, all designed to exist in the industrial world of truck shipments, forklift handling, heavy construction, and daily exposure to years of vibration, weather, and process activity. TUBETRACK® straight length structural members share these gage and coating quality points with all of the connection and bend and clamping components in the system. Resulting, complete installations are consistent at all points in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, and overall appearance.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel has been put through a quality galvanizing process that assures full, thick coating on the entire surface and edges of each component. A special, second process is then used to eliminate any clogging of holes and all rough areas and spikes. This is done in a way that does not erase any of the desired new coating. The result is a support tray that you can have confidence in, shipment after shipment. Steel components are manufactured from 12 gage metal in the Angle and larger Channels. The lighter (1” Flange) Channels are from 14 gage. All designs have a record of decades in use in the field under industrial conditions and a reputation for continued, quality performance over that time.

Aluminum systems are 1/8” thick (similar to 12 gage) in Angle and the larger (2” flange) Channels and approximately 13 gage in the lighter (1” flange) Channels.

Stainless steel systems are available in both Type-304 and Type-316. All Angles, Channels, and Yoke Clamps are made from 16 gage


Full contour splices and bends that support each joint

TUBETRACK® splices and bend fittings as well as the bolts to connect them are designed to assemble quickly and result in a joint that is similar in strength to the unbroken straight run of tray. Stronger joints means fewer brackets needed during installation and more years of life on the job. Flange height (or depth) of fittings match that of the structural members, providing a cross-section that continues the strength of the structure through the turn. A large variety of connection types (tees, vertical elbows, etc.), metals, and radii are available. When you choose TUBETRACK you can be confident of strong finished assemblies with no weak points.

Angle connections are made with four sets of large bolts on each end for a total of 8 large bolt sets. These bolt sets are 1/2" diameter, zinc- plated steel for galvanized steel systems, 1/2" diameter aluminum for aluminum systems, and 3/8” diameter stainless steel in either Type-304 or Type-316 for the stainless systems, respectively. Bolt sets are shipped with and included in the price of each fitting.

Fittings for Channels with 2” flange height are supplied with the same large bolt sets as Angle. Four sets are included for each end of the 4” and 6” wide Channels. 2” wide Channels have 2 sets per end.

Fittings for Channels with 1” flange height are supplied with 1/4" diameter bolting hardware. Two sets for each end of 1” and 2” wide and four sets with each end of 4” and 6” wide. Zinc-plated steel bolts are supplied for galvanized steel systems. Stainless steel (300-series) bolts are supplied with fittings in both aluminum and stainless steel Type-304. Fittings in stainless steel Type-316 are supplied with bolts in the same T-316 stainless.

TUBETRACK® Clamping Components

Smooth, broad clamps allow for stacking and spacing

Even the smallest components or the TUBETRACK® system are designed for strength and reliable fit. Clamps as well as the bolts and nuts to secure them to both the tubes and to the Angle/Channel support members are available in a large variety of types and sizes. However, each piece is designed to perform its function in vertical and inverted installations as well as the horizontal runs. They are made to hold through temperature changes, startups, shutdowns, constant vibration, and all other realities of industrial jobsites.

Yoke Clamps are not merely snipped strips of stainless steel. They are formed with a broad surface, 3-dimensional fluting, and rounded edges to give them truly superior strength for their size as well as ease of use. They are sized to hold either 2 tubes or 3 to 4 tubes and a full range of tubing sizes (1/8” TO 1/2" and 5/16”, plus 3/4" and 1”). This sizing matches the tubes being held for a secure fit. High quality Yoke Clamps for one tube are also available as is a spacing version of the Yoke Clamp.

Tubing bolts (1/4” – 20 NC thread) all have a special short square carriage under the head to fit any square hole in TUBETRACK®. The square hole holds the bolt from turning during installation but does not protrude through the hole. Therefore you can place bolts in position by threading Hex Nuts or Round Nuts all the way to the TUBETRACK® surface, speeding up installation even more.

TUBETRACK® Manufacturing Precision

Consistent quality translates directly to quick installations

The consistent quality of TUBETRACK® manufactured components helps installation finish on time and just as neat as originally planned. Little differences mean a lot over time. TUBETRACK® straight lengths are straight. There is no bow or twist along the 20 foot lengths to slow expensive field labor with extra bracket placements or leave the finished project looking uneven. The channels drop neatly into the splices and bends. The bolts drop neatly into holes that line up every time. The 90° bends are 90° and connect where they are supposed to connect on the other end of the straight run—just the way you expect them to.

Our original difference was being factory made. From our very first days in the late 50’s and early 60’s we introduced an engineered and manufactured system into an industrial world where tubing was usually installed and protected by whatever was left on the job site near the end of construction. Our original purpose was to provide consistency and predictability that would guarantee savings in installation time. That purpose has never changed. Doing the little things, and doing things right in the factory, still makes the difference.

TUBETRACK® components and the consistency that we build into them gives every piece of a single part number the same look and feel. This quickly lead to familiarity with the entire system and, thus, an ease of working with it. Precision manufacturing and quality control provides that familiarity and the low installed cost benefit that comes with it. There is a lot of planning and care in our manufacturing processes and material purchasing. And we inspect. The result is a true factory made system that you can rely on from crew to crew, from job to job, and in the planning stages months in advance of having material on site.

TUBETRACK® Special Requests

Quick, thorough response on special requests and custom components

Our catalog is only the start. Our factory engineering and production are open to special requests of any custom components that will make the TUBETRACK® system adapt more directly to your instrumentation and control applications. We are happy to accept special requests for any number of related industrial construction needs. We encourage you to contact us, and when you do, you can expect a thorough review of your request in a very timely manner. Much of what you can see in the most recent TUBETRACK® catalog and what you will find on the shelves of our factory stock began as a similar request and evolved into a regular component that matches the entire system for fit and reliability.

Your request will be reviewed by our engineering office with help from our in house materials purchasing and production planning personnel. The first response that you receive from us may be general dimension drawings of a proposed solution, or a choice of options on how to approach the design issue in question. This portion of our manufacturing operation is quite active and it is always a highlight of day to day work. Special clamps to match process lines are our most usual requests. Custom radius or pattern on channel bends are another. Pictured is a protective outlet for channel drops. Please contact us with your requirements and let us put our experience and abilities to work for you.