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Quality Assurance

Our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program was developed in the early 1960’s in support of the first era of new U.S. nuclear power plant construction.  Today the James C. White Company Quality Assurance Program is surveyed and approved by a number of customers including ASME Certified Material Organizations and nuclear power utilities who are members of NUPIC.

Our QA Program controls the quality of all activities and materials as applicable to the requirements of each customer order.  The QA Program at James C. White Company is more than a program on paper, it is a commitment to quality that permeates the culture and impacts every product we make and every customer we serve.

Nuclear Safety-Related Products

trusted manufacturer of dedicated support systems since 1954

  • Maintained and advanced for over 60 years
  • Designed to conform to the applicable requirements of:
    • 10CFR50 Appendix B
    • ASME NQA-1a-2009
    • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section III, Subarticle NCA-3800  [JCWCO is an ASME Qualified Material Organization, Ref. ASME NCA-3820(b), 3842.2]
    • CSA N299.2
    • MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-I-4520A
  • Controls customer order processing, materials and services procurement, manufacturing, inspection, and shipping activities as applicable to customer order requirements
  • Meets or exceeds various other Q.A. Program requirements including ISO quality programs
  • Routinely audited by various customers including ASME Certified Material Organizations and nuclear power utilities including members of NUPIC
  • Audited annually by independent auditors
  • James C White Company provides Load Rating and Deflection Information only as a reference to assist the customer with engineering and design work and to assist in evaluating the best TubeTrack® or Cable-Race® tray sections will best serve the customer’s requirements.

Build-to-print services

We have complete fabrication and machining capabilities and routinely consider customer build-to-print special needs especially for instrumentation support requirements in the nuclear power industry.

We have 40 plus years’ experience supplying various build-to-print items such as Manifold Support Brackets, Transmitter Mounting Brackets, Tube and Pipe Clamps, Large Radius Tray Fitting Bends, Weld-Down Bases, Instrument Stands, etc.

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