CABLE-RACE® Dedicated cable tray for instrument control installations

The instrumentation tray industry began in 1954 when the James C. White Company, Inc. (JCWCO) introduced TUBETRACK® to the US market. In 1954, there were no low-voltage or fiber optic control cables like we have today. TUBETRACK® was developed to organize and support tubing used for instrumentation and control. As low-voltage and fiber optic cable was developed for networking, communication, instrumentation and control, TUBETRACK® was used more and more for supporting controls cabling. For this reason, product enhancements were developed by JCWCO so that TUBETRACK® would meet our customers' requirements for supporting cable.

The CABLE-RACE® name was introduced by JCWCO in May 2009 to establish a stand-alone tray system for control cable. Our online CABLE-RACE® catalog is dedicated to cabling applications.

CABLE-RACE® features include:

  • All the advantages of our TUBETRACK® tray product line - plus.
  • Available in 2 tray depths, 3 tray widths, and 4 different metals
  • An infinite range of bend-fitting radii
  • Adjustable bend and offset fittings
  • NEW - Attachable Instrument station Drop-Out fitting
  • CABLE-RACE® and TUBETRACK® tray and fitting components are interchangeable
  • Identical CABLE-RACE® and TUBETRACK® components have the same part numbers
  • CABLE-RACE® tray and fitting components are UL classified

CABLE-RACE® is a ventilated-bottom, channel type Cable Tray. All CABLE-RACE® tray and fittings are classified by Underwriter's Laboratories within the specified cross-sectional area. Channels and connecting fittings may be installed in compliance with NEMA Standard VE 2-2000, and NEC-2002 Article 392.

CABLE-RACE® uses only tightenable fasteners to secure tray connections and maintain the conductivity necessary for UL classification. In general,
CABLE-RACE® is designed for the isolation of signal, data, and communication cables typically used in industrial instrumentation and control.